6 Morning Routine Products That Will Wake Anyone Up

  • Aug 6, 2020

Everyone has their very own personalized morning routine. It doesn't matter if you wake up 3 hours before work or 20 minutes before you have to rush out the door, with Pop-Tart in hand, we all have our A.M. ritual. 

From brushing teeth, skincare, or filing nails, here are our favorite morning routine products that can refresh anyone in the early hours. 


Sleek Electric Toothbrush 

Have you heard the buzz? Electric toothbrushes are the best way to get those pearly-white teeth. Include your logo on the base, and clients will remember your brand every time they get ready for the day. 


Round Lip Balm 

Nothing is worse than having dry, chapped lips. This round balm will become your client's favorite travel companion. Apply in the morning and experience smooth lips and smooth sailing for the rest of the day. 


Mini Hand Lotion

It's absolutely necessary to take care of your skin - considering it's the largest organ! One way to do that is by using lotion after showering, which locks in the moisture. This creamy, non-sticky lotion is the solution to dry skin. Use daily and see a difference in no time!


Ombré Nail File


Traveling for work and need polished looking nails? This ombré file nail is a simple tool that your clients can use in the morning. Plus, the colorful, playful design adds a hint of fun to start off the day.  


Cooling Towels

For all those over-achievers who work out in the morning, this cooling towel is a must-have! The imprint space for your logo is large and will be seen by everyone trying to get in an A.M. workout. Made with micro-fibers, this cooling towel not only cools you down after lifting dumbbells, but can also be packed up and taken on trips. 


Multi-Compartment Pill Box

How many times have you forgotten to take a pill because you are too busy? Raise your hand. Never miss a medication again with these functional multi-compartment pillboxes. Durable and made for on-the-go individuals, these pillboxes can adorn any bathroom counter and fit into any bag. 

Help your clients feel refreshed and energized every day of the week with these practical products. We have thousands of more products like these so reach out to us with any questions! 

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